About Jaiyen Spa Proprietor

Jaiyen Spa is a wonderful boutique spa

Sawitree Matrtrai (Ja) grew up in small village outside of Bangkok, Thailand and was raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather was the local healer in the village, and he used Thai Bodywork and herbal remedies to help the sick and injured. Ja was highly influenced by grandfather’s work and he was the inspiration that led Ja into a career in the healing arts. Ja graduated from the Thai Massage Healing School in Surattani, Thailand in 2005, earning over 500 hours of Traditional Thai Massage.

In 2007, Ja married Robin Bailey, and moved to Santa Rosa, California where she pursued her dream of opening a spa. In 2009, Ja graduated from the Sebastopol Massage Center, and became a certified massage practitioner in the state of California. Since her graduation, Ja has become a fixture in the healing arts community in Sebastopol. She has worked at the Sebastopol Wellness Center since 2011, where she continued to grow her business and hire and train other massage therapists. In March 2015 she opened Jaiyen Spa.

Jaiyen’s Spa services and therapies draw from a rich Thai heritage, but combine that knowledge with the best European and American techniques. East meets west in downtown Sebastopol, to provide clients with he ultimate healing experience from around the world.