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Gregery Lester D.C. is on vacation and will be back in October.

Thai-Chiropractic encourages relaxation, healing, and recovery with a technique that integrates deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and chiropractic. Muscles are massaged, ligaments and tendons are stretched, and joints are adjusted as needed. Chiro-Thai is for the body what meditation is for the mind; energizing, reviving, and resetting the muscles, tendons, and joints as a foundation for mind/body fitness.

Gregery Lester D.C.

Initial Chiropractic – 30-minute $139

Chiropractic with Massage – 60-minute $189

Regular Visit:

Chiro+Massage – 60-minute $189

Chiro+Massage – 75-minute $209

Chiro+Massage – 90-minute $229

Add-On Chiropractic

15-minute $75

30-minute $115

Thai Massage

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