Jaiyen has a wide selection of Facials to choose from, as we have select the perfect treatment that’s tailored to your unique skin type. We carry the highest quality certified organic products and or products that are clinically proven to produce excellent results.


Organic Facial

60min/ $89

Jaiyen’s Organic Facial is the perfect treatment for that special part of your body that is on display all day, everyday – your face. Give it the loving kindness it deserves with wonderful Facial Treatment at Jaiyen.

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We use only the highest quality products, (organic) and we source locally whenever possible. Our luxurious facial will nourish and polish your skin so that it will look and feel renewed, refreshed, and pampered. We’ll start with a steam treatment to open congested pores, followed by a cleansing tailored to your specific skin type. Extractions will be performed as needed. A mask of choice of your skin will be applied, and we will complete the facial with a silky cream moisturizer. To keep you thoroughly spoiled, the treatment comes with relaxing shoulder and hand massage.

(Recommended for most skin types)

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Anti-Aging Facial


As summer comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to an Anti-Aging Facial at Jaiyen. As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer which makes our skin duller looking.

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To combat these effects, your facial will begin with a special creamy cleansing product selected specifically for mature skin. Our esthetician will examine the specific needs of your skin and then proceed with a steam treatment combined with an exfoliation process, which will visibly brighten and firm your skin by increasing circulation. Extractions will be performed as needed. Now, it is the perfect time for your skin to absorb a special mask treatment, which improves texture and leaves your skin hydrated and vibrant. The treatment finishes with eye serum and moisturizing cream application, leaving your skin silky and smooth. During the procedure you will receive a head and scalp massage.

(Recommended for Mature Skin)

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Deep Cleansing Facial

75min/90min  $109/$129

Deep Cleansing and Acne Facials are not just for teenagers, as many people decades beyond those years still benefit from a Deep Cleansing Facial.

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The deep cleansing facial is recommended for clients prone to oily skin  or those with uneven complexions. Our estheticians will analyze the clients skin and tailor an individual skin care program the will best suit their individual needs. This therapeutic facial concentrates on deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. The treatment will start with and herbal steam, followed by a deep pore cleansing to balance the oily skin and calm acne-prone complexions, and will conclude with a gentle scrubber that removes impurities and congested skin. Now it’s time for a soothing and hydrating mask, which improves texture and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and vibrant. At Jaiyen we liked to keep you spoiled, so the treatment comes with a relaxing shoulder and hand massage.

(Recommended for Acne-Pron Skin)

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