Jaiyen Spa is a wonderful boutique spa

We are enthusiastic and compassionate group of practitioners dedicated to the physical and mental well being of our customers. The goal of Jaiyen Spa is to ensure that every customer’s specific needs and desires are identified, so that our practitioners can provide a memorable spa experience; feeling cared for, relaxed, healthier, and happier with how they look and feel.


General Manager / Massage Practitioner

Specialty: Thai Massage, Bodyworks.

My background and experience allow me to tailor my treatments to each client’s individual needs, blending various types of eastern and western modalities.  My passion has always been to provide a healing experience for my clients, and to combine ancient healing methods to transform the body, mind, and spirit. I find it very rewarding to help people who are recovering from injuries. I use gentle touch and rhythmical movements so that the mind and tissue begin to soften, letting go of long held patterns of constriction. I am sensitive and recognize when the body needs to be coerced to let go, so the healing process can begin. My work comes out of a deep compassion for people, and the recognition that a holistic approach to bodywork, alleviates pain, relaxes the mind, and enriches the soul.


Specialty: Thai Massage, Jaiyen Blend, Deep Tissue, Firm Swedish and Body Treatments.

Experience the pleasure and healing benefits of Traditional Thai Massage Bodywork with Sun.

Her Traditional Thai Training has enhanced her skills in other massage techniques including, Deep Tissue, Swedish and her personal favorite, Jaiyen Blend Massage. This massage is a true expression of mixing the best Eastern and Western therapies.  Sun draws from these different styles to tailor a specific bodywork session, targeting your specific areas of concern to provide relief to tight muscles and areas of discomfort. Sun listens closely to her clients and is a caring and attentive therapist.

“My work is aimed at decreasing chronic physical pain, improving flexibility and developing personal relationship with my clients. I never stop learning. Each client’s body gives me more knowledge about bodywork.”


Specialty: Thai Massage, Jaiyen Blend, Thai Reflexology,  Deep Tissue Massage

Deep listening and trusting in the wisdom of the body is the philosophy Sa uses to tailor his treatment to each client’s individual needs.

Sa has years of bodywork experience in both Thailand and California. She has recently relocated to Sonoma County and we are very grateful that she has joined the Jaiyen team. Sa is a highly skilled practitioner that is deeply gratified by her work in the field of healing and arts.  “If clients are open to sensing what is happening in their body, I feel the privilege of having entered into the healing realm with them.”

Max Mcmullen

Specialty:Injury prevention, Injury Recuperation, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Foot Massage.

He’s rewarded by knowing that through his massage practice he’s helping others achieve a balanced body-mind. Sports Massage and Recovery Massage are two of Max’s specialties, however he also excels in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, and incorporates Thai techniques and acupressure into his work.

Max’s bodywork philosophy…

I believe that to create a body balance you have to work through the entire body. When there’s an injury, for instance, instead of trying to cure the symptoms, you have to address the cause. If it’s a shoulder injury, for example, you also have to work on the chest, back, and arm. I like to work with the whole body to create holistic symmetry

Rachel Stern

Specialty: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Sport Massage and Hot Stone Massage

Her focus is to help create homeostasis in her clients, and facilitate their healing through massage. Rachel brings a caring, compassionate, and intuitive nature to her work. She is attentive to client’s expressed needs and excels at developing an in-session, customized sequence to address those needs.

Her specialties include Deep Tissue—having a serious interest myofascial therapies, and Swedish massage. She is also passionate about Prenatal massage, and sharing a nurturing touch with expectant mothers. She’s also trained in Foot and Hand Reflexology, energy work, and Sports massage.

Rachel loves witnessing the transformation that so often occurs in her massage clients. “When someone comes in and talks about how much pain they’re in, and then at the end of the session, comes off the table saying, ‘I feel incredible,’ or, ‘I feel like a new person,’ and I see the relief in their face and posture, it’s deeply gratifying.”