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Songkran Cerebration!

Happy Thai New Year

As the Spring brings forth new buds here in California, there’s a special celebration in place in Thailand. Every April 13 to 15, the people of Thailand gather with families, visit temples, and engage in the world’s largest water festival – Songkran – to welcome a new Solar year. We at Jaiyen Spa would like to celebrate with you and offer you exclusive promotions to commemorate this special event! “Thai New Year,” celebrates Buddhist New Year, based on the lunar calendar.

Traditionally it is a time when Thai people sprinkle water on their family, elders and statues of the Buddha, for a fresh start to the year, good fortune and to give homage to Buddha. Thai people also clean their houses from top to bottom during Songkran. Today in Thailand, it spans 3 or more days of splashing visitors and locals with water hoses, buckets of water or super soakers.

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