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Covid-19 Spa Safety

It’s been an interesting time, to say the least. When Covid reared its ugly head, Jaiyen Spa, like other businesses out there, was left scrambling, grasping for answers on how to keep services running safely. We’ve been updating our processes and routines based on new guidelines and available information in order to keep Jaiyen a safe place to quell the stresses of life. Please read our posts below to learn more.

Spa Safety During Covid-19

Jan 20, 2021
Jaiyen Spa has been re-opened. We have restructured our business in an effort to follow the many guidelines that have been made for our industry and to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are feeling confident in these changes as we have seen them working well over the past few months.


The first updates we made were to require mask-wearing in all services by staff and customers. — the customer is required to wear a mask as well as Jaiyen employees. As of recent updates, we are no longer offering spa packages because of the inability of the customer to wear a mask in a session that may include facial massage.


The next guidelines we have enforced are frequent hand sanitizing (for clients and staff) and thorough room cleansing after each service. High traffic areas in the spa, such as the reception room, bathrooms, and stairway are cleaned every 2 hours.

Services that created excessive laundry like body treatments or spa packages and services that required multiple customers and staff in a room together such as  Couples Massage have been temporarily paused. We hope that we can introduce these services again in the Summer of 2021.


The 3rd change to our business has been to our hours of operation. We have extended them slightly. This update creates more space in the business for customers and less employee interaction. With this change our customer capacity has also been reduced, again this is to enforce the need for space between customer and staff cross over.

At this time, we are seeing these regulations and updates work really well to keep customers and staff safe. We are glad to be open and able to provide stress-reducing services during this very difficult time. The appreciation our customers have shown has been worth all the hard work and adjustments that were needed for services to resume.

Who had a Jaiyen Day

I had the best 2-hour Thai massage from Jeab at Jaiyen! My only comparison was to my last Thai massage in Thailand. I am so relieved and thrilled to know I can receive such an authentic experience in Sebastopol!
Abi P.