Jaiyen spa team members recently went to Hole in the Wall for an early brunch. Not only did we receive our food quickly, but it’s clear they put care into the food they serve!

The waiters there were lovely, the cook’s food was amazing, and brought it to us on a platter beautifully presented!

The French Dip had perfectly caramelized onions, and grilled mushrooms. The roast beef was sliced thin, still so moist and tender, with melted Swiss cheese, once you take a bite you won’t stop until theres nothing left.

The Chilaquiles dish was perfect, the egg’s were cooked just right for this dish, the fried corn tortillas were fried to crispy perfection and added to the dish at perfect timing, giving you that crunch you look for in this dish with each bite.

If you’re a crab lover then the avocado crab Benedict they serve is what you need, a nice simple dish with eggs that are poached for just the right amount of time. The hollandaise sauce is creamy and delicious, with just the right amount of avocado for taste, and the cherry on top more like the crab on top is moist and tender and piled on top of this dish, combined with a cup of freshly squeezed OJ, the perfect refreshment for an any day breakfast!

Hole in the Wall will exceed your expectations with their food, and give you great customer service as well. You can tell, from the waitresses, the cook, and the owner of this lovely restaurant there is care put into everything from everyone there.

We Love Local!

We need to support more small town businesses and show them the love and support they deserve such as Hole in the Wall, located in Sebastopol CA. Grab a bite to eat before or after an appointment at Jaiyen Spa!