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Jaiyen Spa is a wonderful boutique spa located in the heart of Sebastopol, California, which has been richly influenced by Thailand’s abundant healing arts heritage. We have created a sanctuary of peace and tranquility where you can relax, rejuvenate, and be pampered by highly trained therapists. We embrace a holistic approach to treating the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in healthier, happier, and more confident self.

Jaiyen Spa is the perfect retreat to indulge yourself with a wide range of massage and spa treatments. Whether you select a Traditional Thai massage, Deep Tissue, or a relaxing Swedish Massage, you can be assured that you will receive the best of ancient and modern therapies with the finest quality ingredients and skin care products. Jaiyen is a magical place where kind and gracious people provide the ultimate in personal service at very reasonable prices.


About Ja:

Sawitree Matrtrai (Ja) grew up in small village called Saraburi, outside of Bangkok, Thailand and was raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather was the local healer in the village. He used Thai Bodywork and herbal remedies to help the sick and injured. Ja was highly influenced by her grandfather’s work, inspiring her into a career in the healing arts. Ja graduated from the Thai Massage Healing School in Surattani, Thailand in 2005, accumulating over 500 hours of Traditional Thai Massage experience.

In 2007, Ja married Robin Bailey, and moved to Santa Rosa, California where she pursued her dream of opening a spa. In 2009, she graduated from the Sebastopol Massage Center, and became a certified massage practitioner in the state of California. In March 2015 she opened Jaiyen Spa. Since her graduation, Ja has become a fixture in the healing arts community in Sebastopol, continuing to grow her business and hire and train other massage therapists.

Jaiyen’s Spa services and therapies draw from a rich Thai heritage, combining that knowledge with the best European and American techniques. East meets west in downtown Sebastopol, to provide clients with the ultimate healing experience from around the world.

Who had a Jaiyen Day

I had the best 2-hour Thai massage from Jeab at Jaiyen! My only comparison was to my last Thai massage in Thailand. I am so relieved and thrilled to know I can receive such an authentic experience in Sebastopol!
Abi P.