Jaiyen Spa

Max Mcmullen

Our Hand on Experience Staff!

Jaiyen Spa is wonderful boutique spa located in the heart of Sebastopol, California, which has been influenced by Thailand’s rich healing arts heritage.  We have created a sanctuary of peace and tranquility where you can relax, rejuvenate and be pampered by highly trained therapists.  We embrace a holistic approach to treating the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in healthier, happier and more confident self. 

Injury Prevention
Jaiyen Blend
Deep Tissue
Swedish Massage

Spa Manager

Max Mcmullen
Specialty: Injury Recuperation, Jaiyen Blend, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage.
He’s rewarded by knowing that through his massage practice he’s helping others achieve a balanced body-mind. Sports Massage and Recovery Massage are two of Max’s specialties, however he also excels in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, and incorporates Thai techniques and acupressure into his work.
Max’s bodywork philosophy…
I believe that to create a body balance you have to work through the entire body. When there’s an injury, for instance, instead of trying to cure the symptoms, you have to address the cause. If it’s a shoulder injury, for example, you also have to work on the chest, back, and arm. I like to work with the whole body to create holistic symmetry.

Who had a Jaiyen Day

I had the best 2-hour Thai massage from Jeab at Jaiyen! My only comparison was to my last Thai massage in Thailand. I am so relieved and thrilled to know I can receive such an authentic experience in Sebastopol!
Abi P.