New To Jaiyen Spa!

Unfortunately Greg is on vacation again until about October 18th, in the mean time try out Barry if you like Greg. We also have a new practitioner named Viva she may be small, but man is she strong! They specialize in Thai massage as well as all of our practitioners.

Have Your Tried Barry?

Barry is similar to Greg and has worked with Jaiyen spa before in the past, recently returning. He is very intuitive about knowing how to find any pain or discomfort in the body having over 15 years of experience and is very passionate about his work, book an appointment today with Barry!

Our New Practitioner Viva!

Viva is our newest practitioner to Jaiyen spa, but having bout 20 years of experience, she is great for a deep tissue massage, or a nice firm Jaiyen blend. Viva can go soft or deep with pressure depending on how you would like you massage to be. We have had nothing but great feedback from others about her, book your appointment today and try out Viva!

Do You Need A Facial?

Jaiyen spa is now offering facisls on Fridays and Satrudays, we have three main facials available at the moment withbookings available online, or call the spa today!

Want to Recieve a Discount?

Leaving a review is the easiest way to receive a quick $5 discount on your next appointment but why just stop there? One star review is $3 off, One written review is $5 off, 2 written reviews is $7 off and 3 written reviews is $8 off on our three main platforms


If you leave a review on all three platforms, Google, Yelp, and our website AND you follow us on at least on social media you can receive the full $10 discount on your next massage

You can also receive discounts by posting a picture of Jaiyen spa and/or yourself at Jaiyen spa and tag us in the picture @jaiyenspa and use our three main hashtags to receive the full discounts.

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Where to go?

Start by scanning the QR code to the left to get you $5 off immediately on your next massage. The QR code will take you to our Google platform but don’t forget Yelp and our Website. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Nextdoor neighbor app @jaiyenspa

Are You a Regular?


Become a Jaiyen member today! Jaiyen spa has packages of different amounts of minutes to pre-pay for your massages. If you come in regularly our membership package will save you up to $95 dollars in the long run!!

Contact Jaiyen spa and ask about there membership.


Becoming a member is easy you can either do it over the phone, online, or the easiest way come down to Jaiyen spa located in Sebastopol and purchase your membership today to make appointment bookings easier, and faster


You can expect an easier booking process due to the pre-purchased amounts of minutes, plus 10% off ALL add-ons you purchase for your massage, and insights in anything new happening, even promos at Jaiyen Spa.


Yes! As you can see in the image to the right there is a “save” amount showing you how much you would be saving on each massage, Not only would you be making appointment bookings easier each time, but as-well as saving money on each massage you receive! Come to Jaiyen Spa today and become one of our loyalty members today!

Coming Soon to Jaiyen Spa!

Open house!

Jaiyen spa will be holding another open house sometime in November, be sure to keep up with our social medias and our website to know when we will be holding this events, and what kind of discounts and information to look forward to at Jaiyen’s spa’s open house