Thai herbal compress is an ancient healing technique dating back about 7000-2000 years ago, Buddhists and Monks used this healing technique on injured soldiers during the Burmese battle. The exact whereabouts are unknown, but there is evidence of this technique used during the 14th century.

Thai herbal compress is not only good for you externally but as well as internally, there can be 10-20 different ingredients inside the cotton fabric cloth making the Thai herbal compress ball. Each ingredient combined together for your health and relief.

Why is Thai Compress So Good For You?

The ingredients in the herbs such as Chinese Ginger, Tamarind, Cassumunar Ginger, Lemongrass, Zedoary Root, and so much more contain anti-inflammatory properties, helps remove toxins, relieves arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains. It also supports blood circulation, digestive system, and respiratory system. 

Thai compress can even help to treat skin disease. It is common for mothers to use this technique after childbirth on their lower stomach to relieve pain and ease the tired, bloated feeling. This type of healing technique has so many more benefits for your body inside and out.

At Jaiyen Spa we offer a 30 minute add-on of Thai hot herbal compress to add to your next massage, intensifying the feeling of relaxation and relief during your session. Jaiyen spa offers Thai compress balls that you can purchase and take home and either perform this healing technique on yourself or another person, being able to use it multiple times is definitely worth your time and purchase, leaving you wanting more.

“Research conducted into the effect of Thai herbal compress concluded that the treatment was more beneficial than standard therapy”

All This Talk About Herbal Compress!

I finally had to try this healing technique and see it in action for myself, so I purchased two small compress balls sold at Jaiyen Spa, and I don’t regret one thing! The past few days my significant other has been complaining about a spot in his back that has been bothering him, it was located next to his left shoulder blade. When moving his left arm it caused him pain. I had tried to massage it out but it wasn’t budging. While doing my research I decided to take this home and see if it was a miracle worker like it had sounded to be. After working on his back for about an hour, he relaxed, he did his daily workout, and took a nightly shower. I asked if his back had bothered him at all like it had been for days, and nothing. The spot in his back didn’t even tickle just a little, the pain and the agitated muscle had finally gone away, it really was a miracle worker in disguise. It was the first time purchasing Thai herbal compress and trying it and I will definitely be doing it again. I recommend going to Jaiyen spa for the Thai herbal compress balls.